Grade 5 Theory Courses

Intensive, but fun courses, designed to go from no experience to grade 5 readiness in hours

Online Theory Courses now available!
Minimum of 4 people per course. 

Kirsty offers intensive theory courses of around 7-8 hours covering the ABRSM grade 5 theory syllabus. 
Designed to go from absolute beginner theory to grade 5, all that is needed is music reading ability of grade 4+. 
No previous theory experience required. 
Please note: these courses have been described as "fun" by participants! They are suitable for both adults and children. 
Provided: grade 5 theory information booklet (pdf delivered by email), 4 sessions of online tuition, quizlet 
class membership for online topic quizzes.
Aftercare: marking of 8 completed practice papers and feedback (by email)

Why use written papers as practice for an online exam? 
It's simple - this may be the only time you learn how to correctly write music using a pencil! 
The written papers are excellent preparation for the online test which uses exactly the same knowledge, but will also
ensure candidates can write music neatly and accurately.  Grade 6+ theory exams are still written tests so this is vital for
those going on to higher grades, GCSE and A-Level. 

Next planned zoom courses: 
April/May 2021 (Sunday afternoons) Aiming towards the June exams or August exams.
3-5pm 11th April, 3-5pm 18th April, 3-5pm 25th April, 3-4pm 2nd May 
Please note: this course only allows 6 1/2 weeks before the June exam! 
Plenty of time to prepare for the August exams though.
N.B. this course may move back a couple of weeks to enable more students to take part. 

June 2021 dates to be announced

Next exam dates:

Booking Period opens: 26 April 2021 (07:00 GMT)

Booking Period closes: 04 May 2021 (23:59 GMT)

Exam Window

Grades 1-5 26 May - 23 June 2021

Please note: ABRSM are constantly changing the availability of theory exams at the moment. Keep checking back to see the latest information. 
Ideally you should allow around 8 weeks AFTER the course before the exam for practice papers. 

Please complete this form to apply to take a course or to show an interest in future courses.
Course dates to be confirmed once enough people have expressed an interest (minimum 4 people, max 10)

Cost: £160 per person (more than 50% saving) for course inclusive of marking of 8 papers
(Individually - 7 hours tuition £280, 2 hours theory paper marking £80 = £360)

Please note: you will need to purchase the 2018 ABRSM grade 5 past papers, plus the "MORE sample theory papers" (in the online style) in addition to the course fees. 8 papers can be marked as follow up. 

Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra follow-up courses

Follow up courses are available after CHOA taster sessions at the summer course.
Information will be sent out by email. 

Results from Summer 20 pilot online exam: 2 passes, 2 distinctions
Results from Autumn 19: 3 passes, 2 merits, 2 distinctions
Results from Summer 19: 2 passes, 3 merits, 2 distinctions (including one 100/100!)

Results from Spring 19: 3 distinctions, 4 merits, 4 passes
Results from Autumn 18: 1 distinction, 2 passes
Results from Summer 18: 2 distinctions
Results from Spring 18: 2 passes, 1 merit, 1 distinction
Results from Autumn 17: 2 passes, 2 merits

Individual hour long lessons are also sometimes available at a rate of £40 per lesson.
For more information on any theory course contact  Kirsty Body: 07715556589,


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