Play the chord, Sing the melodies

Singing and Strumming at the SAME TIME!

Uke 'n' Sing workshops - singing and playing 

Uke 'n' Sing 1 - an introduction to the ukulele including the first three chords: C, F and G7
From the very beginning and how to tune a uke, through some silly nursery songs to get us going, to full chords for pop songs, this workshop is designed for people who have never picked up a ukulele before, and who don't mind singing along (though Kirsty will sing all the time anyway if you don't fancy it!). 

Uke 'n' Sing 1 will be repeated on Sunday 27th September from 4pm-5.15pm, so if you missed the first one in August you can still catch up! 

Uke 'n' Sing 2
- a follow-up workshop exploring more chords. 
This course is designed for players who are already familiar and reasonably proficient with C, F and G7 (though they'll be recapped during the session). More silly songs, plus longer pieces. 
Uke 'n' Sing 2 will be in November! 

Uke 'n' Sing Christmas Songs
A festive session in December! All welcome. 

For each session you will need a soprano ukulele (preferably tuned before we start, but I can help if you come online a little early)
You're welcome to play other chord instruments e.g. guitar, but the onscreen instructions will be very much focussed on ukulele so you might need your own chord sheet!